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ntrell always had to hold him back, and yet he was his thunderbolt. He discussed nothing in the shape of orders. A soldier who discusses is like a hand which would think. He only charged. Were he attacked in front—a charge; wer

e he attacked in the rear—a charge; on either flank—a charge. Finally, in a desperate charge, and doing a hero’s work upon the stricken rear of the Second Colorado, he was killed. This was George Todd. Shepherd, a patient, cool, vigilant leader, knew all the roads and streams, all the fords and passes, all modes of egress and ingress, all safe and dangerous place

Buyers. Sellers. Proprietors. Agents.


s, all the treacherous non-combatants, and all the trustworthy ones—everything indeed that the fe

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w needed to know who were fighting the many. In addition, there were few among the Guerrillas who

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were better pistol shots. It used to do Quantrell good to see him in the skirmish line. Coleman Yo

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